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Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns offer a flexible method of maximising your website's visibility on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc...

PPC course will show you how to evaluate and plan your PPC strategy to improve click through and conversion rates into goal, as well as review and expand your search term sets to maximise performance. You will also learn how to effectively track results to maximise ROI through accurate measurement and analysis.

This course is ideal for marketing professionals with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of PPC and are looking to get further involved.
  PPC Training Module  

1. Campaigns

2. Groups

3. Ad Creation

4. Ad Builder

5. Search Ads

6. Ad Builder

7. Keyword Research

8. Budgeting

9. Network Ad Campaigns

10. Text Ads

11. Demographic Bidding

12. ROI Tracking

13. Linking Analytics with Adwords

14. Increasing CTR

15. Reducing CPC

16. Ad Extensions

17. BROAD Match Keywords, Phrase Match, Exact match

18. Reporting & Tools

19. Traffic Estimator

20. Website Optimizer

21. Placement Tool

22. Contextual targeting Tool

23. Conversion Tracking

24. Opportunities Tool

25. Billing Management

26. Account Management – MCC Account

27. Video Ads, Mobile Ads

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